Now I am not a tree hugging type of guy so I dont reach for the sandpaper tiolet paper to save a few trees but one thing I have always been taught by mum is “leave it as you found it”. Lots of people jump on this environment bandwagon and I am not 100% convinced that the end is coming as some predicate. All the same I dont see the harm in making sure every business is not making the planet worse.

So when it comes to business and the environment, I believe all businesses should aim at making sure that they fix what they damage. So as a business owner myself I found a little calculator over at carbon neutral to work out how much damage my business is doing with flights and electricity usage.

This website allows you to donate to plant trees to offset the damage, in my case its $69 for 23 trees. What also would be good if you could donate to research to make technology that is less damaging.

I would be interested to hear from others that have followed this step, and what other projects they have seen. I also encourage all other small ISV’s to take up this idea.