I just read this on builderau.com. that Morris Iemma is “promising” free wifi in the next 3 years. The story says

The NSW state government will in early 2007 go shopping for suppliers to establish “universal coverage” of free Wi-Fi in Sydney’s central business district (including North Sydney), in addition to the suburbs of Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool and outlying cities Newcastle, Wollongong and Gosford.

This is some great news, for those who are not isps and selling data plans, and will no doubt make the world of mobile devices even better.

Personally I would rather stick hot needles in my eyes then keep the labour party in power in New South Wales but I gotta like this idea. Whether you see this as a promise or an actual truth I guess it will depend but what is true its great to see a politician pushing forward with technology.

Now I just gotta make my device batteries last on wifi while roaming 🙂