I have been reading postings from people like Mitch about his new laptop given to him by Microsoft and the peoples different reactions.

People who are active in any community be it IT or anything else are usually rewarded for their efforts. I personally have been given items such as mobile devices, tickets to events and software over the years, because people are interested in my feedback on their devices and of course they also know that I am usually asked what device should I get and of course if I am experienced with a particular device I am more prone to say this one is cool. Sometimes its just someone saying well done and thanks for the effort of those free training or advice you gave.

The only time you need to be careful is if you think your “perception” is being tainted as Mitch said, ie if I thought a certain device was crap would I say that or say its great thinking I wouldnt get the next free device if I was honest.

The people that are against this I personally think its pure jealousy but hey if you want one then its simple … simply know as much Mitch, work for a company like Readify, run community events like codecamp and blog a lot then you too can get cool freebies.

Well done Mitch a very well deserved reward.