Deepfish : new browser for Windows Mobile

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Microsoft today announced the release of Deepfish which is a new browser for the windows mobile device, more information can be found at The bad news is the arent allowing anymore downloads but the good news is the interest is so high they had to stop downloads.


ZenZui new Windows Mobile UI released

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I noticed this on Jason Langridges excellent blog this morning … its a new user interface for windows mobile by the guys at ZenZui, I am going to try and see if I can get my hands on this and give it a go.

Check out the video below:

j3/HP/Microsoft Live helps Starlight Foundation

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Starlight Foundation is a great organisation helping those kiddies that have been dealt some bad cards in life, being a parent of two kids I couldnt think of anything worse. Over the last few years there has been a ride called Tour De Kids that help raise money for the starlight foundation. This year they are riding from Hobert to Thredbo, I think they know there is a large watery gap thats not bicycle friendly between the two.

Bernard Lee of HP approached me to help out the riders with a GPS tracking application I was only too happy to help, we have built an application that sits on the HP IPAQ that has an inbuilt GPS and send that information to a windows Live to show their current location.

I am also glad that I dont have to do the riding myself.

March SWMUG Meeting

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This months meeting is all today with Windows Mobile 6, come along to find out whats new for developers and Rick Anderson will be telling us whats new in the world of exchange sync for Windows Mobile 6.0.

 As usual lots of giveaways and a really interesting night, starts at 6:30pm at Microsoft North Ryde tomorrow night.

Hope you can make it.

Windows Mobile 6 SDK

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Want to stay hip and have the latest mobile kit when your hanging with the other developers then you will need to go and get the Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

The windows mobile 6 SDK is now available for download from here.

Now remember the pocketpc and smartphone thing no longer exists, so you will have to make sure you understand which SDK is for what development.

  • Windows Mobile for Smartphone = Windows Mobile Standard (download the Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK)
  • Windows Mobile for Pocket PC = Windows Mobile Classic (download the Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK)
  • Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition = Windows Mobile Professional (download the Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK)