I have a passion for helping people who are generous with their time in assisting other people who are not as lucky as the majority of us. The guys at Camp Quality fit will into this category not only do they help the sick kids of this nation but they also help the direct family. Its the brothers and sisters of the sick children who suffer as parents stuggle to balance their time between the immediate needs of caring and the family growth. No parent wants to be in this horrible position, my admiration goes out to those people.

I have been asked to assist in raising awareness and money for this great cause by doing the kokoda track and I thought lets mix two of my passions. What better way to test ruggidised mobile products while on the kokoda track. This way I still have my gadgets, lose weight and help some sick kiddies.

My current defination of roughing it is a hotel without a minibar and its been a while since I have but myself through some ocean racing so no doubt I have become a little use to lifes comforts.

I have my GPS tracking tools already, have some apps for tracking and blogging, Hugo from TegaTech have offered me a lend of a ruggidised tablet to assist during the trip. All I need now is a satellite phone for some data communications and I am set, I noticed I am able to rent one of these so will be giving that a run I reckon.

The group has organised some TV coverage and a few celebrities to join in, so that will be great to draw on some more sponsorship.

The trek isnt until next year but the excerise regime has started to get me ready for a gruelling 10 days.