Microsoft Partner Conference

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As quick as Teched is finished around comes the Partner conference, I really enjoy going to the conference to learn about the upcoming strategy. The only bad thing about it being on Hamilton Island is the internet connectivity is very poor and stick a couple hundred microsoft people on it and there goes any hope.

Hope I have a chance to blog while I am there to get some good info.


Arrrr – Mobility Smackdown Pirates

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Last year at Tech Ed we run the first mobility smackdown during the session break, this year we had our own session and we had lots of fun doing the Mobility Smackdown this year and there was lots of great feedback about the session so please keep it coming so we can make sure we have the chance to run it again.

Here is a picture of all the jolly mobile pirates … notice the smashed Motorola device next to the bowl !!

SmackDown Pirates

My 12th Australian TechEd Completed

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I have attended every TechEd in Australia, the first one was actually in the Wesley Convention Center where you had to cross Pitt St to get to different sessions, and I always leave having a great time (ok … except for last year when I was very pissed off with a certain Microsoft employee’s behavior ).

This year was my first as a speaker, not with one session but being involved with 3, which was fantastic experience and kept me on fly through out the whole event and I even managed to get to a few sessions.

The keynote and locknote the later which I admit I only got 20 mins of were a tad dissappointing … both speakers where average and discussed topics that I imagine a lot of the attendees aleady understood and learnt little and nor were they inspiring. Oh well you do have to try different things and not all will work.

I was happy with the evals from all the sessions I was involved in so no doubt will grow my confidence for future sessions if I am allowed to get the chance again.

Bring on Sydney !!!