I have attended every TechEd in Australia, the first one was actually in the Wesley Convention Center where you had to cross Pitt St to get to different sessions, and I always leave having a great time (ok … except for last year when I was very pissed off with a certain Microsoft employee’s behavior ).

This year was my first as a speaker, not with one session but being involved with 3, which was fantastic experience and kept me on fly through out the whole event and I even managed to get to a few sessions.

The keynote and locknote the later which I admit I only got 20 mins of were a tad dissappointing … both speakers where average and discussed topics that I imagine a lot of the attendees aleady understood and learnt little and nor were they inspiring. Oh well you do have to try different things and not all will work.

I was happy with the evals from all the sessions I was involved in so no doubt will grow my confidence for future sessions if I am allowed to get the chance again.

Bring on Sydney !!!