Myself and some other friends including my father are planning to walk the Kokoda Track next year in July to raise some money and awareness for Camp Quality. I am hoping to bring along some windows mobile gear, including a UMPC or Tablet, to show technology on the move can do including attempting to blog along the track.

Camp Quality does more than just look after kiddies with cancer they also support for the family unit. When kiddies are sick it takes so much of the parents attention, this means other things like kids, family and relationships are also on hold. Thank goodness Camp Quality attempts to also addresses these needs.

We are hoping to raise $90,000 to send the kids to their first ever snow camp. More information about the trek can be read on: Their will be press and TV coverage leading up to the event to help your profile

Kokoda Track

How can you help ?

A) Well if you are willing to sponsor a shirt for $4000 then please contact me and so I can get a shirt organised, OR
B) If you know somebody who can sponsor then please pass this on to them, OR
C) If you dont know anyone then please link to this blog posting to make more people aware.

Lets show what the power of the blogsphere can do and help out a great cause.

Thanks in advance