I have been using Unwired service for a while as I needed broadband but because I rent I didnt want to lock into a contract with a provider in case I had to move. Unwired was a good solution although speeds were not always optimal and it only works in Sydney and Melbourne. Since I do a lot of travelling the idea of paying $20 a night for broadband in a hotel was driving me insane.

When vodafone announced it was offering its 3G service of 5G for $39 dollars I was sold and said goodbye to unwired. Unwired had the annoying and usual deal of that you can not schedule a cancellation of service you have to call on the day. This I find really annoying you have paid for a service to a certain date and to put a bit of code in place to say dont renew and cancel the service on renewal would be very simple.

So a month in how is it going ? The vodafone drivers are a tad unstable on vista although I havent tried on XP  and find sometimes after a hibernate it cant find the hardware, I would like my internet connection to be up and running asap when I have started my computer but I have found I need to do a few restarts every now and again which is annoying.

I have used my service in Melbourne, Brisbane, and several spots in Sydney including all the airports and all very happy with the coverage and speeds … a friend has next G and he has had less service in the same spots while we were sitting together … nothing makes a geek more happy than having better internet access then the guy next to him.