Looks like I can start using Virtual Earth

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I noticed today that the new release of Virtual Earth has expanded to include the use of KML files …. yeah cant wait to give it a go.

Started using Keepass

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I have started using Keepass to manage my passwords … i was reusing a few passwords and that was starting to make me feel insecure and my memory in my old age was not coping with the ones I was keeping unique.

Keepass is an opensource solution that has plugins for all the popular browsers and now I can simply login to any site without having to remember anything.

Definately worth checking out.


Heading to Brisbane for Spotlight

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Heading up to Brisbane next week to help some Microsoft Partners with Windows Mobile adoption as part of the Spotlight Program.

Spotlight is a great program implemented by Microsoft to help partners adopt new technologies and its great to see Windows Mobile is part of that.

If your a Microsoft partner definately keep your eyes open for these oppertunities and if your not a Microsoft partner what the hell are you doing 🙂

Windows Mobile 6.1 is released

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The next evolution in windows mobile which is 6.1 has been officially released:


It is a minor release really, now the windows mobile product team can start get ready for 7 which will be far more exciting.