The next part of the startups infrastructure I needed to choose was an email system, of course there are many different options but it came down to four main options 1) use a pop/imap email account that is pretty cheap 2) using hosted exchange 3) have my own exchange box or 4) use gmail.

Now my own exchange box wasnt going to happen, been there done that and although she sat there for many years and only was off the air two times, once because of hardware failure and another time because of a developer configuration. But both times seemed like major stress and I needed to rely on friends to help me out to get things pumping again.

The next important issue for me is being a road warrior is email in the field, I need to be able to communicate with other employees share calendars and have push email, so that knocks option 1 out the running because I really need calendar and todo list functionality.

So that leaves the two big players left hosted exchange or gmail, and I must admit I didnt really give gmail a lot of time to impress me. I have sort of trained to organise myself using GTD techniques and I really didnt want to climb that hill of changing my techniques. So the costs of hosted exchange was so minimal I decided to just stick with the devil I know and I also read reports of gmail push for iphone which some people are using also seems to not to work that great.

So hosted exchange it is, the provider I chose was since I have used them in past and had no problems so they had a walk up start. That in itself is a business lesson in how customers think, so thats another blog posting for the future.

Feel free to tell me if you think my choice was wrong or can recommend other providers.