The next decision to make is what system to control the development effort and what development model we will be using.

I have used a agile approach to development for many years in fact I think I did before it had a name and get into trouble from managers for doing things without usual long winded spec documents. So the team approach is simple choose and what I like about the agile approach is getting non-technical people involved heavily into the planning of the development show.

They get to see the progress, they get to express what bits they would like to see and they get to see how much work goes into the development planning. One of the big problems is how much blue sky development dreaming users start making when they are a starting a development project, once they see the list growing a release dates drifting then they can also what decision they are making are affecting the delivery schedule.

After searching the web I came across the PivotalTracker system, its free to use and can run multiple projects. I have only really starting to use it but its a great way to run a scrum based project.

Have you seen something better ?