Now its probably a fair guess that your business plan has something todo with collecting money from people and your going to have to pay people so you will need a bank account.

Now ok we arent all that fond of banks but as business people we probably all wish we had a business model like theirs, but not all banks and accounts are equal. The two big influences for a companies account is how much money you have in the account account and how many transactions you use.

A great source for comparing options is cannex, the website can be found here, which have done the leg work for you and comparing the options. They have also just done a star rating guide for all the accounts so worth while checking out what your options are.

Remember banks, super managers, telcos and the like rely on our laziness, they love just sitting there eating away charging fees and getting fat without working for it. So remember to put into your diary a annual review of all your accounts and relationships. You will surprised that if you shop around you can find better deals and your current supplier will match it.