Being on the road a lot I unfortunately miss some tv shows at home, I found out the other day that Ninemsn allows you to watch episodes after they have aired so I wont miss out on the show.

I first thought great option cant wait to use this, being in the US this week I thought I would download a copy of underbelly and watch it in the hotel room. Broadband connection was good so went for it before I headed out to dinner, the first hurdle is I have to download a special video player [POP] … there goes being able to watch it at home over an extended media player but ok I can do that.

Then once I have downloaded the video, hook the video out to the hotels room widescreen TV and sit down ready to watch. Start the video [POP] you must be connected to the internet to watch the video … what ? There goes watching it on the plane.

Get the cable connected with a little bit of furniture changes, hit play [POP] You arent in a valid country. Oh rats. So thats really annoying, so no watching till I get home.