Getting Javascript Intellisense to work in Visual Studio 2008

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I was very surprise about the amount of incorrect or rather half truth information that was floating around the web to geth javascript intellisense to work in Visual Studio 2008, so once I finally got it working then I just felt I needed to make a quick blog post that may help others in the future.

The main problem occurs when you are within a page that inherits from a master pages, and its that master page that references the javascript files you would like to have the intellisense to reference.

The first step and this is pretty easy to find around the web and thats make a reference comment within your javascript block to the javascript file ie

///<reference path="ext/adapter/ext/ext-base.js" />
///<reference path="ext/ext-all.js" />
///<reference path="ext/ext-all-debug.js" />

Now it still doesnt work and frustration will set in, the secret source to make it work ? hit Ctrl-Shift-J on each of the reference that you would like to start appearing in the javascript intellisense. So simple but so easy once you know how.

Of course you must also have VS2008 SP1 installed and this hotfix if your referencing a -vsdoc.js file as most blogs talk about.

Hope this helps some people out.


Example Content from Teched

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A few people have approached me to give them the sample code that I demoed at teched, I finally found some spare time this weekend to zip things up and place them here on my blog.

DEV310 Make Some Magic! Shake, Flip and Flick Your Application for Windows Mobile 6.5!
Sensor Examples Code
More Sensor Examples

DEV370 Channelling your inner sexiness and other developer tricks for Windows Mobile
Example Alpha Blending (Includes free photo of Loke Uei Tan)

Hope it helps some people.

Disclaimer: All code provided as an example only and is only intended for use a learning tool.