I was lucky enough to get an invite to this years Microsoft MIX10 conference, one of the great things about attending US conferences is the ability to listen to some of the best IT people in the world. In this day, the ability to watch the sessions over web of course reduces this but there is nothing like after the sessions catching up and chatting one on one with these great people.

The big news at the conference and the reason for the invite was to learn all about Windows Phone 7 Series, its great to see Microsoft getting its mojo back in this space. Although there is some nice to have limitations with the device, all in all its a great device and puts Microsoft back in the mobility space.

There has been some complaints from developers about the sandboxing of the applications but honestly this is a good thing to give the consumer control over their device and a good user experience. I am sorry Mr developer but its not up to you to say which app should be in control of the device so play fair in the sandpit.

Looking forward to catching up with lots of people back in Australia and sharing this information as we roll out Metro training and other events like ReMix and TechEd. If you want access to some free training then watch this space as we will soon will announce the ability to join the Metro training.

Hope your excited about the 7 Series device as much as I am