I watch a very interesting documentary this week on Phil Spector, now Phil has had an amazing life worked with some incredible and talented people like John Lennon and Tina Turner to name but a few and made a bundle of cash to boot. I am sure it would seen as a success in a lot of peoples eyes except for the recent events of course. Now what was interesting was his personal destructive focus on what other people had achieved in way of recognition and he had not, there is no doubt that he made some valid cases in querying the facts and he was putting it down to the fact that he had upset the wrong people which of course could be very true. In the end your feeling sorry for a man that seemed bitter.

It also brought forward a quote I once heard from Dolly Parton, now I usually dont go around seeking wisdom or guidance from the words of Dolly Parton so I was a tad shocked when I heard it. The reporter asked her what was the secret to being at the top for so long and her response was that she never cared about being no 1 or the best. She went on to explain that No 1 or the best is very subjective and there would always be somebody better based on the criteria used ie no of albums, no of sales last month etc and even if you managed to get a high enough consensus in that claim of ranking you would find no happiness or feeling of content until you are no 1 and only then while it lasted which would be a sad way to live. Instead her goal was just to get better by trying improve herself and finding happiness in that she has improved.

So the business lesson here is just be happy with the successes of your business and celebrate them with much vigor, of course try and pick up some industry and peer awards but in the end they are just fuel for the marketing machine instead real happiness comes from finding your own success.