Live Services Jumpstart

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Christian Longstaff has blogged about the upcoming Live Services Jumpstart.

I am really excited to be involved in the this roadshow as I am delivering this content in Berlin, Warsaw, San Francisco and Sydney. This has to be one of the biggest movements in Microsoft and a very exciting change.

I now doubt will blog more as time draws nearer.


VidCast Live Controls: Contacts

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Here at nSquared we have been working on the Live tools and I thought I would copy Dr Neil and Nick by doing a vidcast of the Contacts Control. It really is amazing the amount of things you can do with these controls.

The video can be watched here

Want some Windows Live Love, Come and Get it

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The “Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio CTP3” has shipped, these tools a are a set of control add-ins to make incorporating Windows Live services into your Web application easier with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer Express 2008 by wrapping the existing live controls with controls that we love to use to give us far more server side control of the controls.

nSquared has been assisting the development of these tools so we are keen to show off some of the features. I am working on a video to show off some of the features but Neil Roodyn has just posted a short video showing how simple it is to add the Silverlight Streaming Media Player control to your ASP.NET website.

The controls can be downloaded from:

We are all ears on the feedback