Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Story in Sydney

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I will be speaking at this months Sydney Mobile User Group meeting about what is new for developers in the Windows Phone 7, and believe me there is lots.

Everyone is welcome so come along and have a beer and a lively discussion about all things mobile. Simply RSVP at

My visit to MIX10

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I was lucky enough to get an invite to this years Microsoft MIX10 conference, one of the great things about attending US conferences is the ability to listen to some of the best IT people in the world. In this day, the ability to watch the sessions over web of course reduces this but there is nothing like after the sessions catching up and chatting one on one with these great people.

The big news at the conference and the reason for the invite was to learn all about Windows Phone 7 Series, its great to see Microsoft getting its mojo back in this space. Although there is some nice to have limitations with the device, all in all its a great device and puts Microsoft back in the mobility space.

There has been some complaints from developers about the sandboxing of the applications but honestly this is a good thing to give the consumer control over their device and a good user experience. I am sorry Mr developer but its not up to you to say which app should be in control of the device so play fair in the sandpit.

Looking forward to catching up with lots of people back in Australia and sharing this information as we roll out Metro training and other events like ReMix and TechEd. If you want access to some free training then watch this space as we will soon will announce the ability to join the Metro training.

Hope your excited about the 7 Series device as much as I am

We are coming for Dinner: Debug Days Next Week


As part of the windows mobile 6.5 Marketplace launch myself and some other windows mobile people are next week coming to visit you to make sure your apps are ready for marketplace.

Ok so we are supplying the pizza and the venue but we want to answer your questions and solve your problems.

These Debug Days will be held from 4.30pm till 9pm on;

* Monday August 10th – Microsoft Brisbane, Level 9 Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle St, Brisbane
* Tuesday August 11th – Microsoft Sydney, 1 Epping Road, North Ryde
* Wednesday August 12th – Microsoft Melbourne, Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank

If you have a topic that you would like us to cover twitter myself at @jamesmcc and come along and we will cover it.

The full blurb about the event can be found here on the codemason site

Just been profiled on Codesmason Guild

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It exciting to be help out the local Microsoft team with the release of windows mobile 6.5, I have been lucky enough to be profiled on the Codemason Guild site although I think looking at the others bios I need to get a wordsmith in the guild to write more words about me.

Today we also announced the debug days that will be in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne starting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week respectively.

More information about that coming soon.

Windows Mobile 6.5 developer training – Jumpstart series

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Today I am working with Don Kerr in preparing for the Jumpstart series of vidcasts that will occur through out July. If your into Windows Mobile development then this is a not to missed series for getting ready for Windows Mobile 6.5.

The first of the series kick off Friday, July 3, at 1pm this will be helping Australian developers get started developing for Windows Mobile 6.5 – and to get those apps in Marketplace (Windows Marketplace for Mobile – Open for Developer registration) to distribute/sell to the millions of Windows Mobile users globally.

These Live Meetings will run through July, all on a Friday starting at 1pm. So grab some lunch, your favourite beverage, and get ready to learn. The first starts Friday week, July 3 – click to register now.

July 3rd 1pm – Introduction to Windows Mobile 6.5 and Marketplace: the opportunity and the platform
This webcast introduces the new and upcoming features of Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Marketplace. It also outlines the incredible business opportunity for developers to reach millions of users globally via Windows Marketplace – and the processes required to do so.
Register now for Live Meeting session 1

July 17 1pm – Getting started developing for Windows Mobile 6.5: developer tools, technologies, debugging and testing
Learn how to get started developing for Windows Mobile 6.5, what can be done with the new technologies and how to use your existing skills to start coding apps for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones via Windows Marketplace.

July 30 1pm – Widgets: the new internet application
Get insight into the Widgets platform for Windows Mobile 6.5 and discover how to develop powerful Widgets that leverage today’s web experience in a new way.


Its finally public: Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit

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Microsoft has finally made the 6.5 developers kit public and can be downloaded here:

What you will notice is how quick the emulators are, the new gesture controls and widgets.

Come to Remix 09 in Sydney to see what we have been developing with the new 6.5 features

Windows Mobile 6.5 Launch Date has been announced


Windows Mobile 6.5 will be launched on May 11th at TechEd 2009, looking forward to the mobile guys moving forward with this platform.

I will also be doing some developer sessions at SWMUG focused on 6.5, so feel free to come along or ping me with what topics you would like to see.

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