Being a Microsoft MVP for Mobile I of course have a great interest in all things mobile and lets say things have been a tad slow over at building 118 for us WinMo lovers as we have seen other great devices being released.

What has been great is that Microsoft has been starting to release lots of interesting things which are starting to me feel excited that things are on the move and now I am a little more excited to head to the MVP summit.

Today Microsoft has announced the release the technology preview of Recite, it is an WinMo app that uses voice search technology to let users record notes for themselves and then later find those notes by speaking back to the application. So what you could do is tell Recite that “Meeting with Microsoft about Recite on the 15th”, at a later date I would be able to retrieve this information by saying recite.

Find out more you can download it at :

Would this help you in your job ? Do you have a real world use of this ?